Hi and Welcome to my Scuba Diving Site!!!!!

Here I hope to talk about all things related to Scuba Diving as I see it.

Scuba Diving in Bali

Me Scuba Diving in Bali

 We’ll chat a bit about Scuba Diving Equipment, Scuba Diving Lessons and my favourite past-time Scuba Diving Vacations.

Please be aware I am no expert when it comes to Diving. I just love it. For me there is no better place to be than 3-5 m under the sea on a sunny day drift diving on a vibrant, healthy coral reef.

It truly is an amazing experience and with over 60% of the earths surface covered by water it really does make sense for you to at least try it.

 Scuba Diving is easy, Scuba Diving is fun and with the right training Scuba Diving is safe. If you are healthy and an average swimmer then you really must have a go no matter how old you are.

With most of us heading off on holidays to warm tropical locations it really is not hard to find a Scuba Shop. A walk down the main beach road of any tourist destination will usually have you passing one.


Scuba Diver Feeding Fish

Hungry Fish

Imagine being right there amongst the fish and coral rather than cruising over it in a glass bottom boat.

Even if you are required to wear glasses it is still possible to dive. Scuba Masks these days can be made to suit your prescription. You may even find that with the natural magnification of things when you are underwater that it may not be nescesary to wear contact lenses.

Seriously you should think of turning your next vacation into a Scuba Diving Vacation. Imagine how exciting it will be telling your friends about your latest vacation if you can tell them you were Scuba Diving rather than just tanning on the beach.

I know it was for my friends because some of them are now qualified Scuba Divers as well.

I hope that as you read through my site it gives you the incentive to learn to dive as well. If you already are qualified then i hope it gives you some great information on a few awesome dive sites around the world.