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Port Jackson shark
Port Jackson shark
kwinana grain jetty
Kwinana Grain Jetty

I can’t believe it has been so long since my last dive so I thought it might be time for a shore dive just to keep in practice. It never pays to go long periods of time between dives so keeping up your skills is essential.

One of the reasons I have not dived for so long is that I simply prefer warm tropical dive locations that have so much more colour and variety of marine life than here in Perth. A busy work/home life schedule also makes it harder to book these things in.

Therefore we decided on a shore dive rather than a boat trip to Rottnest which would have taken up the whole day. I can’t say I was all that keen but figured I really do need to get back in the water.

Anyway we decided to dive the Kwinana Grain Terminal as our easy shore dive for the day. For the Perth locals its the big blue jetty down at kwinana. Maybe it was the fact that I had rather low expectations of the dive that i was rather pleasantly surprised.

My usual experience of shore diving in cockburn sound is murky water and not a lot of life to be seen. While it was overcast  and visibility was not great  there did seem to be quiet a bit of  life under the jetty.

We saw a variety of fish life including some small  Port Jackson sharks and a healthy number of  Blue Manner crabs. The jetty pylons had a great variety of soft corals attached to them and a small octopus even made an appearance.Blue Manner Crab

The real surprise on this dive came as we were making our way back to shore. We started hearing the typical squeaks and clicks from a pod of porpoises and had a brief siting of them as well. Seeing them in the wild is always a great buzz and it really made the dive for me. All in all it turned out a great dive and just goes to show that you never know what a site will produce on any given day.

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