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Well it was getting quiet depressing working all week long so I thought it was time for a quick getaway to Tulamben Bali for a bit of scuba diving. The long weekend for the Queen’s birthday here in Western Australia was the perfect opportunity to disappear from work for a bit.
We left Perth on a Thursday night and arrived in Bali around midnight. Our first minor problem occurred when we went to find the taxi counter where fixed price transport can be organised.
Due to major renovations at the Denpasar airport it did not seem to exist anymore or was just closed. Luckily I knew the price anyway so after a bit of haggling with the drivers outside the terminal and we were off to our hotel.
We elected to overnight in Sanur, about 20 mins from the airport rather than attempt the 2 .5 hour drive to Tulamben in the middle of the night. The next day we were picked up on time by our Tulamben Wreck Divers and taken to one of their dive resorts in Tulamben.
After a quick relax and shake off the cobwebs from the drive it was down to the office to get fitted out with the gear we needed. For Bali we usually just take our fins, masks, snorkels and a thin 1mm wetsuit to prevent anything like fire coral that stings.
Then it was a short walk across the road down to the beach for a shore entry onto Tulamben’s main attraction. That being the wreck of the 120m USAT Liberty from the second world war which lies in water from a depth of about 3m to 30 m.
This makes it a great dive site for recreational divers like me.
We dived this site about 4 years ago and I remembered not seeing a whole lot of fish life. We also made the mistake of driving up from Kuta, taking about 3 hours and then doing 2 dives on the wreck followed by the 3 hour drive back.
I still enjoyed the diving but it kind of took the fun out of it doing it this way but if your time poor it is certainly possible.
Anyway this time was completely different. There was an amazing quantity of fish to be seen and it is clear that the locals are enforcing a” no fishing in the bay” policy. The coral formations and variety all over the wreck now are worth seeing alone.
After that dive it was a walk back up to the dive resort for a quick hose down and a rest before the night dive was to begin. I was genuinely excited at the thought of diving on the wreck at night, after what I had seen on the afternoon dive.
Well the sun went down and it really did get dark so the torch came in handy for the walk back down to the beach. It was rather challenging walking in off the shore over the volcanic rocks that make up the shoreline around this area.
The usual craziness of a night dive then proceeded to occur. Lots of divers heading in all directions made trying to stick with your dive buddy and dive guide, while taking photos, never seems to quite work out.
It really was a great dive and we saw large bumphead parrot fish, Barracuda, hermit crabs, mantis shrimp and frogfish amongst the usual suspects.
We were pretty tired by the time we walked back up to the dive resort so it was a short walk down the street for dinner at a local Tulamben restaurant and then off to bed.
I Slept well like I usually do after a day’s diving and did not enjoy the 6am alarm the next morning. We needed to get into the water early to see the school of bumphead parrot fish before they moved away from the wreck during the day to feed.
These were some of the largest schooling fish I have ever been in the water with as you can see from the photos.
I had not intended diving the wreck so many times but each time was worth it for different reasons. If I had to pick one dive not to do, it would be the afternoon one but in my case I needed it so I knew where we were going on the night dive.
Later that morning we did our last dive for this trip to Tulamben. It was at a site called Coral Gardens. Basically to get to the site you just cross the road from the resort and walk down the coast a bit further in the opposite direction to the USAT Liberty wreck. This is a great little site sloping down to about 15 m in depth where it is possible to see plenty of hard and soft coral varieties.
We also saw a healthy variety of reef fish including triggerfish, angelfish, squid and blue ribbon eel in while travelling over the site. The man made reefs of tyres and other are certainly encouraging fish and coral life in the area.
I have to say I enjoyed this visit to Tulamben scuba diving even more than I thought I would. I really hope we can get back quicker this time to explore some of the other dive sites in the area as well as another night dive on the wreck.
I do so love a night dive in tropical waters.
Anyway, for us it was time to pack up and endure the 2.5 hour trip back to our Sanur hotel for a relaxing massage near the beach.
Sunday was our rest day and a DVD shopping day in Kuta before jumping on a plane Monday for the trip back to Perth.
I have to say it was a great weekend done to a reasonable budget and scuba diving Tulamben Bali gets the 2 thumbs up from me.

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Seems like every time I look at the news lately its talking about sharks. I really want to get over to rottnest for some dives but now it appears a dead whale carcass is floating in the ocean just a few kms from the island.

The news showed video from its helicopter of a couple of huge great white sharks and some slighly smaller tiger sharks munching away on it. These guys were huge and showing some awesome biting power with those six rows of teeth.

In reality now is probably a good time to scuba dive because they are all nice and full on whale blubber. Why have low calorie human when you can have the high energy whale blubber they prefer.

I know it is sound theory but I think i shall wait a week or 2 before I go scuba diving this summer.

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