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While the weekend weather has not been fantastic yet here in Perth i was considering a dive the other weekend. That was until the unfortunate incident here where a girl was attacked by a shark.

I know these incidents are rare and luckily the girl had a better than expected outcome. A guy on the tour she was leading basically grabbed it by the tail and pulled it off her. Then he grabbed her and got her back to the boat.

” That dudes got some serious balls if you ask me”

How many people do you know that would grab a 3 metre shark by the tail.

Just waiting now till they identify what kind of shark it was by a tooth that was found in the girls wetsuit. Not that this should really delay me getting in the water i suppose.

Will certainly have to do a dive or 3 before we head to Bali for new years and a week of  diving. Can’t wait for that awesome warm water diving over there. Guess that means a trip to rottnest island for some cold water warm up dives is in store for me in the next few weeks.

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Welcome to my first post in this my first ever blog.

Scuba diving has gradually become a passion for my wife and i over the last 10 years. We now choose most of our holiday destinations according to where we would like to scuba dive next.

We have been lucky enough so far to have had scuba diving vacations on both the east and west coasts of Australia. We have dived on the Great Barrier reef on the east coast and the Ningaloo reef on the west coast.

We have also manged to scuba dive in Bali Indonesia and the exotic Hawaiian islands. We will be diving Bali again in January 2011 and hopefully in the Philipinnes around June 2011.

As you can tell we generally prefer the warm water scuba diving and plan our scuba vacations accordingly.

In the following posts i shall tell you a bit more about each of the places we have dived


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