Scuba Diving Equipment


Scuba Diving Equipment- The History


Scuba Diving Equipment has been around for as long as man has needed to find food. Who knows where the first person ever hollowed out a pond read so they could breathe underwater or used a rock as ballast to get to the bottom of a river quicker.

All through history there are little snippets here and there of how people have devised some way of breathing underwater to sneak up on their enemies.

We can all remember watching the old movies on television where a man is in this great big bulky suit wearing lead wieghted shoes is trying to walk along the bottom of the ocean. This huge dome is covering his head and the only way he can get air is through this hose pipe connected to the boat above him.

None of this ancient style scuba diving equipment was ever going to turn scuba diving into the popular past-time it is today.

However around the 1930’s things began to change.The first scuba masks and scuba fins were patented and began to appear in the shops.

The now famous naturalist Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his partner Emile Gagnan developed the first aqualung in 1943. This was not the first designed Self contained Underwater Breathing apparatus devised but it was the first to have a type of regulator that allowed the scuba diver to breathe in and out normally underwater.

Then in 1956 the first wetsuits were invented. This allowed a scuba diver to remain warmer for longer periods under water while still maintaining good movement of the limbs.

Underwater nature documentaries began appearing on main stream television. This fired the imagination of people all over the world and recreational scuba diving as a hobby was born.

It quickly became obvious that people needed to be safely trained in this new hobby so in 1960 N.A.U.I. came to be and this was followed by P.A.D.I. in 1966. You now cannot scuba dive in most countries around the world with out some form of scuba diving certification.

Since then scuba diving equipment has steadily improved with time. The first stabilization jackets ( B.C.D ) came onto the market in the 1970’s making it far less technical to gain neutral buoyancy underwater. Dive computers began appearing in 1983 and these also revolutionized the diving industry.

Moving forward to today( 2010 )  we have such an amazing variety of scuba diving equipment it is hard to imagine what will be next. For the scuba diving beginner it can some times seem a bit overwhelming in the number of choices.

However with a little bit of education it really is not that hard. Try reading through my other scuba diving equipment pages for some handy information on the basics and where to go to get them.