Scuba Diving Insurance

Scuba Diving Insurance


Scuba Diving Insurance is something that should be considered on any scuba diving vacation even if you are only doing a couple of day dives. Don’t be fooled into thinking ordinary travel insurance will cover this activity.

Read your travel insurance very carefully. You may find it excludes this activity,has serious limits on dive depths it will cover and most likely will not cover any air mixtures like nitrox. it may say it covers you but on further investigation the monetary limits it puts on various items is nowhere near what is needed.

The best part about scuba diving insurance policies is that they are annual and not by trip.Therefore you are covered for a whole years worth of diving and not just the one trip.

Look lets be honest here for a minute. A serious scuba diving accident is a pretty rare occurrence. Most diving trips are great fun adventures giving you memories for a life time.

In my 10 years of scuba diving i have only seen 3 note worthy accidents.

The first actually occurred when i was doing my scuba dive qualifications. I was on a live-aboard out of Cairns in  Queensland Australia.

It seems one of the guys surfaced a little fast without properly equalizing. This made some of the blood vessels in his eyes burst. He

scuba diving accident

scuba diving accident

 had these amazing bright red bloodshot eyes. it looked like he was bleeding from his eyes.

Even our dive master had never seen anything like it. Amazingly after a short conversation over the boats radio with a dive specialist doctor the guy was able to continue with his course.

The second incident occurred in Phuket Thailand on a day dive. A diver while doing a giant stride into the water off the back of the boat decided to keep hold of the dive ladder. The rope holding it up out of the water promptly broke allowing the ladder to come crashing down on his head.

This resulted in a beautiful gash in the top of  his head. Luckily he was still conscious although a little woozy. End result was a fast speedboat pick up and a trip to the Phuket hospital .

We bumped into him later that night on Patong Beach. He was fine but 3 more days of diving had to be cancelled. Not sure if he had scuba diving insurance or not but i do remember we could not even buy him a drink because of the pain medication he was taking.

The 3 rd incident occurred on a local dive here in Western Australia. Due to a gear malfunction and a loss of buddy a diver had to make an emergency ascent from 30 meters (100 feet) underwater.

When we got topside after our dive was completed he was just finishing up on his second bottle of emergency oxygen. Again the diver was fine but did not do the second dive of the day because of it.

In the end all these accidents were minor. Can you imagine if any of these scuba divers had lost consciousness what would have happened.

Immediate air evacuation most likely. Now imagine if the diver making the emergency ascent also got the bends. It could easily cost over $100 000  for the air evacuation and a stay in a decompression chamber.

For this reason alone you are crazy not to have some kind of specific Scuba Diving Insurance policy. The most basic scuba specific policy is going to be better than most general travel insurance policies.

On the following pages I have a bit about Scuba Diving Insurance providers. I strongly suggest you read through it and pick one before your next scuba diving vacation.

I really hope you enjoy and have no incidents on all of your scuba vacations however knowing you have good scuba diving insurance will give you and your family peace of mind if something does go wrong.