Christmas was coming so it was time to getaway some place tropical for a dive. We decided it was a good chance to go somewhere we have never been before. With a bit of internet reseach we came up with Vanuatu as not to hard to get to and completely different from other places we have visited.

We jumped on a plane at 10pm 23rd Perth time and arrived Brisbane airport 5am 24th December to find out our next plane due to leave at 10 am was being delayed to 8 pm. Nothing like hanging around an international airport for 14 hours. Finally with a big cheer from all passengers the Virgin airline flight took off for Port Vila Vanuatu

Arrived Port Vila 2 hours later not knowing if anyone would be there to greet us.Wicked start to christmas day but not to worry transport was there ready and waiting. A quick drive out from the airport and a short ferry ride across the bay and we had arrived at Hideaway Island .

Reception was closed but someone was there with a key to show us and the other couple from our flight to our room.We quickly descovered that some how we had booked ourselves into the wrong part of the resort. Backpacker style with shared bathrooms was to be our joy for the next 4 nights.

Rooms are small but clean with a fan only. They do have a hand basin and fridge which helps.It is to be noted that no room on the island has airconditioning as it is to hard on the power generators. They do have ensuites however.

Anyway after a late sleep in we wandered down to the dive shop to see about organising our scuba diving. We decided to do one dive later in the day to get things started.

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