Scuba Diving Vacations

Scuba Diving Vacations – Let the Fun Begin


Scuba Diving Vacations can now be taken almost anywhere in the world. You can dive in the ocean, rivers, lakes and even some caves if you have the desire.

Far more common however is the typical winter escape to some place warm and sunny with a bit of scuba diving on the side. It really

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 does make sense to get full use out of these vacation destinations by doing some above water activities combined with a few below.

Before you go however you need to make a few decisions. Are you going to get your scuba diving certification at home over a few weekends or dedicate 3 to 4 days of your trip towards it.

If you decide on the second method which is usually a bit more fun and relaxing its a good idea to get a dive medical done before you go.Don’t worry its nothing to complicated but it will need to be done by a doctor that is certified to give dive medicals.

It really is a pretty routine medical exam.Probably the biggest concern they will have is with the health of your lungs and your ability to equalize your ears or sinus cavities to be a bit more specific.

Once you get to your scuba diving vacation destination it won’t be hard to find a dive shop. Most large resorts have a good scuba shop on site or at least with in walking distance.

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The best part of learning to dive while you are away is that you will be getting to dive on some fantastic reefs as you are getting certified.The resort facilities are also great at keeping happy those members of your family who don’t want to learn to scuba dive.


Once you get qualified there are some trully amazing scuba diving vacations to be had around the world. You will also be able to meet some great fun loving adventurious people from all over the world.

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