Day 3 and after a good breakfast it was time for our deep dive. Short trip out from the Hideaway Island dive shop to the dive site called Kathleen’s Mound. Backroll entry off the boat and a nice easy descent to 30 metres. Usual swarm of hungry reef fish at the upper levels of the descent.

Casual cruise around sighting a few nudibranch’s, lionfish, stone fish and a couple of large Titan triggerfish and a Clown triggerfish. Then a couple of basic exercises to recognise how we react at depth and it was time for a gradual ascent to a safety stop.At the safety stop we did another couple of exercises with an emergency tank to demonstrate low on air situations and then up to the surface and back onto the boat.

After a quick trip back to shore it was time for lunch at the Hideaway Island cafe. Lunch finished it was time for a quick bit of study so we could do our 3rd elective ” Peak Performance Bouyancy”. We decided to do this elective to help our underwater stability for photo taking.

This was an easy access shore dive at the Hideaway Island house reef called Oasis Shore. We both enjoyed the various exercises and feel it did help improve the way we move around underwater. More constant practice of what we learned should give even better results and a longer lasting air supply.

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