Day 3 and after a good breakfast it was time for our deep dive. Short trip out from the Hideaway Island dive shop to the dive site called Kathleen’s Mound. Backroll entry off the boat and a nice easy descent to 30 metres. Usual swarm of hungry reef fish at the upper levels of the descent.

Casual cruise around sighting a few nudibranch’s, lionfish, stone fish and a couple of large Titan triggerfish and a Clown triggerfish. Then a couple of basic exercises to recognise how we react at depth and it was time for a gradual ascent to a safety stop.At the safety stop we did another couple of exercises with an emergency tank to demonstrate low on air situations and then up to the surface and back onto the boat.

After a quick trip back to shore it was time for lunch at the Hideaway Island cafe. Lunch finished it was time for a quick bit of study so we could do our 3rd elective ” Peak Performance Bouyancy”. We decided to do this elective to help our underwater stability for photo taking.

This was an easy access shore dive at the Hideaway Island house reef called Oasis Shore. We both enjoyed the various exercises and feel it did help improve the way we move around underwater. More constant practice of what we learned should give even better results and a longer lasting air supply.

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After a bit of discussion with Phil the scuba instructor we decided to do the advanced open water course while we were there. We have been meaning to do this for awhile now but never really had the time. For our first dive we decided to keep it simple and do the “Boat Dive” elective which seems a bit stupid when most of our 100 plus dives have been from a boat.

Dive site was called “The Wall Hideaway” where we dived to about 19m with great visibility and a warm 28 degrees celcius water temperature. Reef fish were swarming us from all directions expecting to be fed. It seems the snorkellers feed the fish in this part of the world. Was a nice relaxing dive with enough to see so that 45 minutes underwater disappeared all to quickly. Then it was a quick trip back to shore for dinner so we could get ready for the night dive.

After gearing up at the Hideaway dive shop it was a 20m walk down the beach to walk straight in as the sun set. the good part was it was just the two of us and the dive instructor on the dive. For our light source we were using the lights from our camera set up and it was lighting up an area far larger than a torch.

During our short 30 minute dive we saw a variety of reef fish, shrimps, Hermit crabs and sea cucumbers. The highlight was seeing a massive sea snail eating a sea cucumber which we even managed to get a picture of. All in all a nice fun dive and specialty number 2 crossed off our list to get our advanced open water.

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